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   Sam Newsome 

Soprano Saxophonist

Solo Performer

Sound Enthusiast

Featured Review 

Please check out my new review in the February 2021 issue of the New York City Jazz Record. John Sharpe did a wonderful job reviewing my triple release: Sonic Journey (Live at the Redroom); Subspace Interception (Live at the Women from Space Festival); Free Wyoming (Live at the Metro Coffee Co.) Also, check out the review of We've Had Enough featuring Fay Victor's Sound Noise Funk.



Sunday, January 17, 2021, @ 4:00 PM

3rd Sunday Jazz With The Beyond Flute Group At Zoom, Online!


Judy Silvano, voice

Cheryl Pyle, flute

Haruna Fukazawa, flute

Gene Coleman, flute

Claire de Brunner, bassoon

Sam Newsome, soprano sax

Michael Eaton, tenor sax

Thursday, February 11, 2021 @ 8:00 pm

Fay Victor: Album Release for SoundNoiseFUNK’s WE’VE HAD ENOUGH!

Fay Victor, voice

Sam Newsome, soprano sax

Joe Morris, guitar

Reggie Nicholson

Roulette via Zoom

(Will post link closer to the date)

Thursday, February 18, 2021 @ 8:00 PM

Online_Salon series

Sam Newsome Trio

Sam Newsome, soprano sax

Hilliard Greene, bass

Reggie Nicholson, drums

Wednesday, March 3, 2021 @ 8:00 PM

Writers Guild Spoken Word Series

Sam Newsome, solo saxophone

Zoom (Will post link close to the date of the show)

Thursday, March 4, 2021 @ 5:00 PM & 7:00 PM

Smalls Jazz Club

Sam Newsome Quartet

Sam Newsome, soprano sax

Angelica Sanchez, piano

Hilliard Greene, bass

Reggie Nicholson, drums

Zoom (Will post link closer to the date

Tuesday, March 16, 2021 @ 5:00 PM

FSU - College of Music

Saxophone Masterclass w/ Geoffrey Diebel, Assistant Professor of Saxophone

ZOOM (will post link closer to the date)

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 @ 7:30 PM

Bar Bayeux Wednesday Night LIVE Stream sponsored by KeyedUp

Sam Newsome Quartet

Sam Newsome, soprano sax

Angelica Sanchez, piano

Hilliard Greene, bass

Reggie Nicholson, drums

Zoom (Will post link closer to the date

Saturday, June 12, 2021@ 3:00 PM

First Street Green Cultural Park - Arts for Art (in-person)

Sam Newsome Trio

Sam Newsome, soprano sax

Hilliard Greene, bass

Reggie Nicholson, drums

33 E. 1st Street

New York, NY


July 16 -18, 2021 @ all day

Saxophone Madness Summer Intensive (Guest clinician)

Tony Malaby, July 16

Chris Cheek, July 17

Sam Newsome, July 18

These sessions are sponsored by the New York Jazz Workshop and they will also be hybrid.


Latest News!

Was named a nominee in the Soprano Saxophone category by the 2021 Jazz Journalists Association.

List of nominees:

Branford Marsalis

Jane Ira Bloom

Sam Newsome

Was named Best Jazz & Improvisational Music in 2020, Soprano Saxophone category.

Received a nomination in the Soprano Saxophone category.

  1. Evan Parker
  2. Sam Newsome
  3. Dave Liebman
  4. Ingrid Laubrock
  5. Roscoe Mithcell
  6. Jane Ira Bloom

Musical Projects

Chaos Theory Unit Saxophone Quartet

Chaos Theory Unit is an experimental saxophone quartet consisting of four soprano saxophones. The instruments are often performed in prepared states.


  • Sam Newsome, soprano sax
  • Caroline Davis, soprano sax
  • Rodney Chapman, soprano sax
  • Catherine Sikora, soprano sax

Sam Newsome Quartet

This modern jazz/experimental quartet features Sam Newsome's original compositions, as well as the re-imagining of commonly known jazz classics..


  • Sam Newsome, soprano sax
  • Angelical Sanchez, piano
  • Hilliard Greene, bass
  • Reggie Nicholson, drums

Sam Newsome Trio

This trio plays all improvised music. Much of the musical activity is directed by Newsome's personal vocabulary of sounds and experimentations.


  • Sam Newsome, soprano sax
  • Hilliard Greene, bass
  • Reggie Nicholson, drums

    Sam Newsome(Solo)

    During his solo concerts, Newsome takes listeners on a musical journey from the early beginnings of jazz to the unexplored terrains of the avant garde.


    "Newsome expands the sound of a single soprano into a one-man band."

    - Mark Corroto, All About Jazz 

    New York-based saxophonist and composer Sam Newsome often works in the medium of solo saxophone, an approach for which he gained world-wide critical acclaim with his 2009 recording, Blue Soliloquy: Solo Works for Soprano Saxophone. This recording received a five-star review in Downbeat magazine. 


    Newsome has since released several critically acclaimed solo saxophone CDs: 


    • Sonic Journey: Live at the Red Room (2020);
    • Chaos Theory: Song Cycles for Prepared Saxophone (2019);
    • Sopranoville: Works for Prepared and Non-Prepared Saxophone (2017);
    • The Straight Horn of Africa (2014);
    • The Solo Concert: Sam Newsome Plays Monk and Ellington (2013); 
    • The Art of the Soprano, Vol. 1 (2012). 



    Ed Enright, from Downbeat magazine, called The Straight Horn of Africa, “a modern masterpiece.”


    Many of the notes and sounds used in his compositions and improvisations stem from his sound palette of extended techniques and saxophone preparations. Newsome often attaches tube extensions to the neck of the soprano that significantly changes the timbre of the instrument as well as extends the soprano’s range by an octave or two. Conceptually speaking, Newsome sees himself more along the lines of a visual artist who paints with notes and sounds rather than shapes and colors.


    Newsome has also received numerous accolades for his adventurous work, including this year’s 2020 Instant Award in Improvised Music, along with fellow avant-gardists Peter Brotzmann and John Butcher. He was also named a nominee for Soprano Saxophonist of the Year by the 2020 Jazz Journalist Association. Past recognitions include the 2018 New Music USA Grant, the 2018 Alpert/Ragdale Prize in Music Composition and the 2016 NYFA Fellowship for Music Composition


    In addition to his solo work, Newsome leads a trio with Hilliard Greene and Reggie Nicholson. He is a frequent collaborator with drummer Andrew Cyrille, vocalist Fay Victor, and tours regularly with Pepperland, a music and dance work by Mark Morris and Ethan Iverson that pays tribute to The Beatles.



    "Sam Newsome, one of our most talented and important jazz voices, completely outdoes himself with Sopranoville.”

    Terrell Holmes, The New York City Jazz Record

    "Newsome cuts around the edges of the soprano’s fundamentally sweet sound to mimic double-reed instruments from the Middle East, the native singing of Mongolia, bamboo flutes from the Orient."

    Nick DeRiso, Something Else Reviews

    "A cult classic, for the soprano cult.

    Otto Kokke, The Burning Ambulance

    "As solo sax recordings go, I remain a big fan of the Anthony Braxton / John Butcher styles and approaches. However, in view of Sopranoville, I’ll be adding Newsome to the list of individuals whose future output is of interest." 

    Avant Music News

    "...extended technique but taken to the next power." 

    Ken Ackermann, All About Jazz

    "A nice look at the outer edges from a cat with the chops to pull it off." 

    MIdwest Records

    "On his latest album Newsome has pushed the limits on his saxophone exploring experimental and avant-garde sounds." 

    Jon Neudorf, Sea of Tranquility

    Newsome expands the sound of a single soprano into a  one-man band."


    He is a total master of his instrument, and he can play extraordinary melodies on it.

    Phil Freeman, The Wire


    NPR’s FRESH AIR - K.  Whitehead

    NEON JAZZ - Joe Dimino

    The Burning Ambulance

    - Phil Freeman

    The Jazz Session - Jason Crane

    McGill University Press - Chris Maskell

    The Radical Imagination 

    - Stan Harris

    From Inside Out - Debbie Burke

    Hot House Magazine -

    Seton Hawkins

    New York City Jazz Record

    - Kurt Gottschalk


    - Maciej Krawiec

    The Jazz Chronicles

    - Michael Pelias


    (Click on CD Covers to BUY or LISTEN)

    Magic Circle -

    Sam Newsome

    and Jean-Michel Pilc (2017)

    Sopranoville - Sam Newsome (2017)

    The Straight Horn of Africa: A Path to Liberation (2014)

    The Art of the Soprano, Vol. 1 (2012)

    Blue Soliloquy (2009)

    Monk Abstractions (2007)

    The Solo Concert: Sam Newsome Plays Monk and Ellington (2013)

    Global Unity (2001)

    Sam Newsome & Global Unity (1999)

    Sam I AM (1994)

    CONTACT Sam Newsome